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At MTP, we race what we sell! We know that actions speak louder than words and what better way to communicate this than to get in the trenches and do some racing. Our main shop cars are an SFI 25.3 spec 1948 Plymouth and SFI 25.5 spec 1979 Ford Fairmont. Employing many of the very same products and services you see advertised here on our site, we've put together cars which we feel well represent the interests of our customer base. While they may admittedly be on the ragged edge, we aren't going to let that stop us from having some fun driving them on the street. We'll post updated photos as the projects progress. Vehicle specs are found below.


2012 Updates - The car is nearly ready to get back on the road with some front suspension updates and a pair of Precision Turbo PT-88's. If all goes well, we will have some high quality photos and video of the car available for viewing soon. We anticipate this setup will provide us with a very streetable 2000+hp. Look for the car to make 2012 appearances at Ozark Raceway Park, MoKan dragway and other tracks in the Midwest.


We're still far from road ready, but the updates to the 1948 Plymouth are coming along. The SFI 25.3 rollcage is finished and we've dropped the new 509 ci twin turbo powerplant in place.. We've also fitted the FAST XFI with ITC (Intelligent Traction Control) and a FAST touchscreen dash/datalogger.





Engine Specifications

Engine Displacement - 406 ci
Bore & Stroke - 4.155" x 3.75"
Crankshaft - SCAT 4340
Pistons - JE Forged
Connecting rods - Manley "H" beam
Engine Block - DART Little "M"
Head Gaskets - SCE Copper
Cylinder Heads - Brodix 18x
Valves - Manley (SS Intake, Inconel Exhaust)
Intake Manifold - Brodix - EFI Conversion by MTP
Camshaft - MTP Custom solid roller
Valvetrain - COMP/Jesel
Supercharger - ATI ProCharger F-2
Bypass valve - ATI ProCharger "race" valve
Intercooler - ATI ProCharger "2000 hp" Air/Water
Throttle Body - Wilson Manifolds 95mm
Engine Management - Accel DFI Gen VII 77022
Boost Control - Handled by Accel DFI Gen VII
Injectors - Lucas 120 lb/hr
Fuel Pump - Magna Fuel Pro Star EFI 750
Fuel Regulator - Aeromotive Pro-Series Boost Reference EFI
Distributor - Accel DFI Dual sync 77190 (using cam sync only)
Crank Trigger - MSD
Ignition MSD 7AL2 P/N 7220
Ignition coil - MSD Pro Power HVC II P/N 8261
Ignition wires - Accel 8.8 300+ Ferro-Spiral

Chassis Specifications

Rollcage - SFI 25.5 (certified to 7.50 e.t.) Mild Steel by MTP, components from SW Racecars & Chassis Engineering
Rear Suspension - SW Ladder bars & track locator
Rear shocks - Strange Engineering double adjustable coilovers, Hypercoil springs
Rearend - Ford 9", large bearing housing
Third member - Strange Pro Race Nodular Iron, Strange Pro Race spool, 35 spline yoke & Forged aluminum pinion support
Ring & Pinion - Richmond "Big Pinion" 9310 Pro Gears
Front suspension - PA racing K-member & rod-end type control arms
Front struts - Strange Engineering adjustable w/ coilover kit, Afco springs
Caster plates - MTP "max-caster", rod end type
Front brakes - Lincoln MK VIII Calipers & 5-lug rotors
Wheels - Center Line Convo Pro (15 x 12 rear, 15 x 4 front)
Rear Tires - Mickey Thompson 28 x 10.5
Front Tires - Moroso DS2 25.0 x 4.5
Parachute - Simpson Skyjacker cross form drag chute
Seats - Kirkey lightweight aluminum

Here is a shot of our powerplant from 2007. We've since robbed the turbos for use on the big block in our other shop car and have put a ProCharger F-2 in their place.

Track notes 9/08/07 - We took the car up to US36 Raceway in Osborne Mo. for some 1/8th mile action and found the track a bit more slippery than our home track. That said, we did manage a best to date 5.86 @ 127mph in spite of the poor 60' time, with the same tune from the last time out. It looks like that trans has been holding us back more than we realized! We also got some ink in FSC magazine, click below to read recent articles featuring the MTP Fairmont and to watch a video of our recent test pass at US36.

Click here to watch the video of the MTP Fairmont running down the slippery US 36 raceway.

Track notes 9/21/07 - We took the "Furious Fairmont" to KCIR for some more testing action and found the track a bit more slippery than expected. That said, we did manage a best to date 5.71 @ 125mph to the 1/8th mile in spite of the slipping and sliding and banging the rev limiter. It appears that we're at the limits of our torque convertor and will need to make a convertor upgrade and perhaps some chassis adjustments before we ratchet the power up any further.

Click here to watch the video of the MTP Fairmont testing at Kansas City International Raceway.

Click here for a copy of the FSC Magazine article featuring the MTP Fairmont

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